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Reducing carbon emissions in the Southeast Louisiana region through capture and sequestration (CCS). 

Project Overview

Harvest Bend has a significant role to play in supporting Louisiana's decarbonization efforts. The project is a catalyst that seeks to enable significant regional carbon emissions reduction to the benefit of local industry, the community, and future generations. The Harvest Bend project is a joint venture between TALOS and Storegga.


Project Benefits

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Generate Jobs

Protect, sustain,

and grow

industry jobs. 

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Grow Tax Revenue

Protect, sustain and grow vital tax revenue from industry.

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Reduce Emissions

Reduce greenhouse

gas emissions in the region.

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Improve Quality of Life

Contribute to a sustained quality of life for residents in Southeast Louisiana.

"Carbon capture (CCS) technologies can safely capture more than 90% of CO2 emissions from industrial facilities and power plants."
-Center for Climate and Energy Studies

The Harvest Bend project team is still in the early planning and design phases of the project. TALOS has leased acreage in Iberville, St. James, Assumption, and Lafourche Parishes. ​

  • Iberville 

  • St. James

  • Assumption

  • Lafourche

Project Region

Project Milestones

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Submission of Class VI Permit



Submissions of Other Permits

Late Summer

Early Fall


About CCS

About Carbon Capture & Sequestration

A Safe, Proven Solution

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The evaluation, development, and permitting of CCS is a thorough and extensive process to ensure safety. 

CCS is a proven technology that has been safely used in LA for decades for enhanced oil recovery (EOR).

Monitoring of a CO2 storage site occurs over its entire lifecycle, from pre-injection to operation to post-injection. 

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